Emmet's Elixir Wood Conditioner 16 oz

Emmet's Elixir Wood Conditioner 16 oz

An all-natural, anti-microbial formulation of beeswax and food safe mineral oil, Emmet’s Elixir is key to protecting your butcher block investment. This easy-to-use, cream-based conditioner provides a protective sealant and restorative luster to oiled wood cutting surfaces. Apply periodically to ensure a lifetime of performance. Emmet’s works well on all wooden cooking utensils, too. Clean and natural rosemary lemon scent.

• 16-ounce squeeze bottle
• All-natural, food safe
• Anti-microbial formulation
• Recommended for oiled boards and blocks
• Rosemary lemon scented
• Good for multiple applications
• Easy-to-use cloth application
• National Sanitation Foundation (NSF®) Certified